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R2A4- Just One More

Is Pride secretly a despot looking to lock up all the undesirables until they cave under pressure and come around to her way of thinking? Or is just na´ve enough to think that locking up evils will cause them to really stop and think about what they've done? Phew, maybe it was a good idea that the Sins went with Greed for Baron over Pride...
And there was more locked up than just Hope and Anger in those depths. Gooey, icky things...

Quick Review: Mighty Switch Force 2- If anything, Mighty Switch Force 2 shows how to reuse art assets properly. You add a new layer to the game and setting while retaining the charm of the characters and upping the stakes on everything. Even just making the civilians you rescue be the Hooligan Girls in unique outfits was a really nice touch and then they added some extra animations for what the girls are all doing, reactions to blasting them with the hose, and falling animations. The music also kicks things up a notch, but while I wouldn't really say one soundtrack was better than the other, 2 has some decidedly more funky beats. But nicely done expansion or not, it really is little more than an extra set of levels. Combat was unnecessary in the first game and now it's even worse because the hose makes for a terrible weapon. You still rocket out of the purple blocks too fast to see the environment leading to way too much guessing and constantly repeating the first four steps of a puzzle until you can get the timing of switches down because you can't see what you're doing. And the lives system is still unnecessary and frustrating. Making you redo a level from scratch because you flubbed something at the very end a few times adds absolutely nothing to the game.
They still go too far in how they treat the female characters, but it feels less sleazy than the first game. I don't know if it's just that I knew to expect it this time around, I'm getting desensitized, or if it actually is better, but given that the game allows you to soak the Hooligan Girls and all kinds of hoses and such, they showed some modicum of restraint? Not that there aren't bikini pictures and hoses wrapping around the legs of the Girls, but it could have been worse. There is a nice twist on the "seeing the female lead without her armor" bit at the end of the game that got a laugh out of me so I'm hoping that was an acknowledgement of how shameless they get.
If you weren't a fan of Switch Force 1, there's nothing here to bring you around. If you liked the first but aren't absolutely ravenous for a level pack, the game is worth picking up but give it a few months to put some distance because your play throughs. If you DO crave nothing more than some extra Switch Force, knock yourself out. For me, it was cute, more fun than frustrating, but not substantial enough to really jazz me up.