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Posted by Pip

R2A5- When A Boy Reaches A Certain Age

While the Sins are out mucking around with evil beings possibly out there to destroy us all, the human leftovers are facing the real issues. Manly issues! With a few guys that have serious issues coming across as manly. Murdoch was hardly a hit with the ladies back home and Baxter is the kind of guy willing to dress up like a superhero and run around town, so... Not the best group for dating advice. Really not sure why dressing up like a hero isn't a hit with ALL the ladies, though... Thwip!

Vote for Sins on TWC this week and get the thrilling conclusion to Bill the Scientist's pain with the Mercs. Full of action, a mystery, and a touch of bathroom humor. Mercynaries has it all, baby!

And speaking of Mercs, friend of the show, Zero, has included a Mercy cameo in his latest Overlord Bob side story! Check out Zero's regular comic, Dungeons and Barbies, on the Links page to your left and the side story starts here: