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R2A6- Marlove

It's always the kind, smart, courageous people that get all the succubus groupies. I guess if you're shallow and into that kind of stuff, I suppose. And I really don't think the demons of this realm get to pick on Baxter for his hair antenna when they're walking around with some of those 'dos.

Quick Review: Upside Down- You have to acknowledge and accept how stupid this movie's premise is. I can accept that yellow sunlight can make a guy fly or that being bitten by a genetically modified spider will give you super powers, so you can accept that people can somehow "inherit" the gravity of the planet they're born on. But the premise of Upside Down is amazingly not the bad part. It's the poor direction, writing, and editing that you shouldn't have to accept. Tedious scenes drag on for far too long while larger plot elements happen in a flash. The move frequently features long, godawful narration delivered poorly in places that actually showing information or scenes would have worked better. It has two totally unlikable main characters and you're pretty much told that the main character is who you're rooting for and that's all you have to go on. There's no chemistry at all between the two characters and there's no reason why they're so attracted to each other. Eden stares at people and giggles a lot. Even with just the world building, the two worlds are so different and segregated because the movie tells you so. The people "up above" are rich and the people "down below" are poor... because? Also, "up" and "down" are kind of meaningless terms in this whole situation. Both worlds are "up above" from each other's relative positions.
A lot of the imagery is really cool though. It has fun ideas with how it plays with the gravity and better visual effects and ideas than larger budget movies. But it's also incredibly impractical and the worlds just couldn't function properly as it's presented. The neck strain alone would devastate the population. Why would you build a giant room with no walls where your employees spend much of their day staring up? The movie doesn't even follow its own rules. It's spotty about how the gravity affects objects, just how long objects last in the other environments, and the economy. At the beginning of the movie they mention everybody is so poor that they can't afford electricity and then the main character has four lamps on at the same time, three of which are in different rooms than he is and he doesn't need the light for what he's doing. There's a dramatic reveal that should have had the characters saying "This is amazing, how are you doing that?!" but instead Eden spends the night sobbing in the fetal position for no real good reason. All of this wraps up in a moment that crams the last act into a “we need the main character to win, the bad guys to lose, and heck, the entire world to change” sequence that makes the heroes winning and villains losing in a bad 80s teen comedy seem subtle.