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R2A7- Get Your Frequent Beating Card Punched

While Bax and Murd are questioning their manhoods, we have one demon that has no question about its abilities! The Dealer has grown kick butt over the years and she's happy to show it. Unfortunately, in this case she got matched up against something a bit stronger than she is. The Vice might be a tiny bit thankful she was completely knocked out, though. Giving stuff away for free! What kind of shop are you running, Vice!?

Quick Review: Skyfall- I finally got around to watching the latest Bond movie and it's just kind of boring. It's over two hours long, the villain's plan is incredibly dumb, various plot points come to execution solely through dumb luck or happenstance, and the writing either has its head up its ass or is cringeworthy. The movie's "witty repartee" contains almost nothing an actual human being with ever say and none of the one-liners stand up to more than two seconds of thought or are completely unrelated to what the first person said so they come across as force one-liners just for the sake of having them. There are two fight scenes that consist of 75-90% darkness and only occasional ambient lighting. There's nothing stylish or dramatic about them, they're just super dark and boring. At work a bit ago, we were trying to remember what happened in all the Brosnan-era Bond movies and everybody knew Goldeneye but then all the other movies just kind of melded together. We swapped around plot points, characters, and even story elements because it was just some kind of Bond goo. And that's where Skyfall is going to wind up for me. Everybody will remember Casino Royale because that was good and then the rest of the Craig Bonds are an interchangeable mash-up of chase scenes, boring villains, and bad characters. Not bad enough to hate but not even good enough to remember well.