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Posted by Pip

R2A9- Because An Envy Party Does Not Stop

Boo on all you people that thought Hope was abandoning Murdoch! She was just getting help from the few giant smashy creatures she knows these days. Hope isn't exactly big on the social skills though. I wouldn't want to mess with Envy's lady friend. Anybody that can handle Envy could probably mess you up...
Ain't no party like an Envy party! I'd like to imagine that Flattery just hangs outside the dens of the other Envies sitting under their windows and waiting to hear their plans. Because that's funny. And sad.

As mentioned in the poll earlier this month, we have a monthly wrap up for all you people that haven't been reading the comic notes or just looking over stuff on RSSes. Look! A big picture!

AGWS finishes off all this Tomb Raiding on a low note. A very, very low note. A note so low, one could probably try to raid such a note from so low in a tomb. Look, the game just sucks, okay?

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