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Posted by Pip

R2A12- Top And Bottom It Is

The Envies make such a good tag-team group. Either for saving the world OR for some quick money in the underground demon wrestling matches. You see that little guy trying to tear off Envy's head? But Envy just keeps it zen and tears this dude in half. And human-types usually don't have wormy tentacle goodness inside them. They frequently don't have candy inside either. Pinatas just teach us all bad lessons.

All this Salty Bets MUGEN fighting that's taking over the Internet kind of makes me want to make a Sins MUGEN character just to see if I can. Temptation!

AGWS takes a look into the past with Monster World 4. The past! Where women were heroes, annoying pet sidekicks were less annoying, the music was awesome, and cereals could contain all kind of frightening chemical dyes. But even in the past, the stuff that came before it was still better.

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