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R2A13- Lucky Filo Did Not Go The Damsel Route

So back towards the end of Sins Venials, Murdoch had left the house to help the Sins and an evil Force used that opportunity to break in, destroy Murdoch's lab, and seriously injure Slander in the process. Now, with Slander out to help the Sins's campaign, an evil intruder comes in and wrecks poor Murd this time. At least the lab wasn't destroyed. That's the important part.
It's best not to think too much about what the implications of this mean for Murd. Did Filo have to rebuild our hero from the ground up? Does Filo now know the very ins and outs of Murd's golem? Did Filo carve his initials in the new body's spleen? All of these questions will not be answered in the coming pages!

Quick Review: Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox- I never read the Flashpoint comic series but I was aware of the events of the... event? It's a fun alternate world take on some characters and sets up its own world and story in its time. Just as long as you don't think about it too hard. Ultimately, the world ended because Aquaman is so awesome that multiple women want to sex him up and will go into a murderous rage over him. Look, alternate timeline or not, I don't think I can accept that. It does get super dark in a fun way though. Batman with guns is a neat sight (although, he is a TERRIBLE shot but he is also drunk so that may explain things), characters actually use their powers creatively, Wonder Woman straight up shanks a child, and the characters with guns that DO manage to hit a broadside of a barn are shown to be an effective way of dealing with villains. I think this is the first time my cries of "Just shoot him in the face!" were actually answered in a comic book movie.
The 2D art and animation are fairly nice and the battle scenes are well done. The character designs are all stretched out and have weirdly prominent lips though and it just looks odd. The 3D models look terrible though. Near the end of the movie, Flash keeps turning into one and it sticks out like a sore thumb every time. I can appreciate how difficult it is to render two speedsters fighting and zipping around a landscape but the 3D route is not the way to go. Speedster characters look fine in comic book panels, they look silly in motion, and they look terrible as animated 3D models. The 2D "slo-mo" moments were pretty neat though and gave you a good "seeing the world through the Flash's eyes" perspective.
Ultimately, my take away from this series and the movie is: Man, the new 52 still sucks this long after it's started. DC comics should just exist in the Batman/Superman/Justice League cartoon universe and progress in somewhat real time. That flushes out old characters once their stories have been told and forces the creators to make something new and interesting because they can't fall back on the same characters for decades. Bruce Wayne is in his late 90s! Also, I only just now realized how silly writing "DC comics" is. Isn't that just like writing "ATM machine"?