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Posted by Pip

R2A15- Ewwwww

Devotion's den is a place for fun, not to have Hope and the Dealer barging in, accusations of working for the bad guys, and I'm pretty sure at least one knife fight breaks out every time the Sins and Virtues are around each other for more than eight seconds.
But at least the Dealer is healing nicely. That's the right takeaway here, no? She's up and walking around, she has some boss headgear while she recovers, and she gets to mock the Sins. Doctor's orders on that last one.

It's time again for a new game on the site! But I'm going non-Sins this time and trying some new things out. Rather than building out a full game, I just made the engine and the complete first world. It's up to YOU to decide if I continue with the game or try something new! It's an HTML5 game, so you can play it here on the site, there's nothing to download, and it works on Mac or PC, so there are no excuses for not giving it a try! Play it here:

And now that you've played it, what did you think? Vote in the poll!