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R2A17- Envy Always Watches Backsides

A little history on the Spirit Realm and how some of their awesome powers came to be. Somebody had to go first and Armageddon got itself into a bit of a bad spot. I like the idea that all the demons' powers built up over time as they all ate each other or joined together and morphed over the years. All the “modern” demons like the Sins have far more exotic powers than those that came before them.
We also have some references to the Sins games too. From the Von Froya games, we know that The Dealer used to be a servant to the Barons before she escaped with VF and she struck it out on her own. And Von Froya himself was the one that destroyed the gates between the Human and Spirit Realms, allowing the humans to live (mostly) free of random demon conquests.

This week on TWC, the Mercs confront the Gods! Well, Ruth hangs out in the cosmos and Mercy starts up the most awkward picnic you can have. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page for free or contribute to the site to get the month's!

Progress report on the Princess Defencess update! I have the new environment done, have started the art on the new enemies and powers, and squished the bug with the Game Over screen. And it was a dumb one... I don't think it's on every stage, but when the tower's health drops to 0 and you go to the Game Over screen, the game keeps checking your health when the screen ends, sees that it's still 0, and keeps kicking you back to the Game Over screen. So the menu IS dismissing itself after the timer, you just... can't escape it without refreshing.