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Posted by Pip

R2A22- Mandrakes Kick Butt

In her game, Hope got an explosive Mandrake as one of her abilities and Armageddon proves that it's just a wee bit more capable of wielding that in battle. About tied in its ability to annoy Joy, though. The lady just wants people to die when she stabs them! Is that so much to ask? She spends her life fighting regenerating demons, then she retires and gets put up against an even more regenerating demon king.

Princess Defencess has been updated! I've added a second world with its own castle, enemies, and new power. The update also has some bug fixes for the first world like moving out the enemy spawn points to give you more time to read the notes, you no longer attack when clicking on the note to clear it, enemies are worth more money, you start with a bit more money, fewer enemies will spawn in 1-3 to make it a bit easier, and the Game Over screen no longer gets stuck in an infinite loop. As always send in your comments and feedback!

Play the new version at: