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Posted by Pip

R2A23- What Was That For

First thing tomorrow, I'm going to punch a human in the back of the head! Yeah, I bet you guys are real sorry that you blew up the Human Realm now, eh? Humans are soft and weak, don't frequently explode of their own will, and you were practically gods compared to them. Now? The rest of your demons are a threat, have their own powers, and can pull themselves together after being torn apart or explodified. At least they have the old Hosts to pick on. Everybody knows Baxter has no game.

This week on TWC, it's Ruth's turn to confront the Cosmos and she doesn't fair much better than Mercy. A lifetime of ill-fitting blouses is a curse indeed. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page!

And with August at a close, we have our monthly wrap-up:

And the search strings that somehow led to Sins:
“Kranna” - Hooray, people are searching for awesome friends of the site! (Kranna, look out! People are searching for you online!)
“reintarnation” - You can't not hear that in a grizzled prospector's voice. It's science.
“how a guy hides his long hair for work” - With scissors.
“weird markings in chest” - You have an alien ready to burst forth from you. Sorry. Kind of a bummer.
“mighty switch force patty hot” - Well yeah, she's a firefighter now and fire is pretty dang warm.