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W4- Gang Is All Here

Itís little Fortuneís first time as a shade. Letís wish the best for her. Being a disembodied evil spirit is probably a little shocking at first.
Look at Harmondís hair! Itís freaking awesome.

Weíre still continuing with the preorders on the customized Sins playing cards. The response has been good so far, so get in on it during the initial run!

Quick review of the movie Jacobís Ladder for everybody. I only heard about it when I first played the Silent Hill games and after watching it, Silent Hill is suuuch a rip off of it! Jacobís Ladder is nowhere near as gory and the blood is really kept to only a few key scenes, but the psychological horror aspect and the decaying world to the look and feel of the demons and creatures in the movie make it a really neat film worth watching. The commentary on the DVD is really interesting and the deleted scenes add some interesting new points to it, so itís certainly worth a watch or rental at the least.
There are some great bit parts played by actors you wouldnít expect. Jason Alexander is in, Macaulay Culkin gets an uncredited role as Jacobís dead son, and Lewis Black plays the calmest and really gentle doctor.