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Posted by Pip

R2A27- Not You It Is Well It IS You

Bax doesn't even get a “not if you were the last man in the human realm” out of the ladies. Rejected by demonic women. Rejected by human women. There just isn't enough love in Time and Space when a crazy kid with delusions of grandeur can't even get a pity date. Don't stop believin', Bax! There's some kind of messed up Vice out there for you!

It's time for the thrilling conclusion to Princess Defencess! Will Princess Alte defeat the stupid jerk head wizards? Can she be left alone by undesirable Dukes? Or will she be defeated, have to hang up her dress in shame, and lower herself to wearing pants (the horror!)?! Now with all three worlds AND a bonus mode! Score high enough in the bonus mode to unlock the true-TRUE ending...

Or what's that? You don't play games unless they're hosted on a fancy big site with badges and stuff? Well, you should probably change that but in the meantime, you can play PD on Kongregate too!

Still not good enough? You want to make it downloadable? Then head on over to the Chrome Web Store and you can play it from there!