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Posted by Pip

W5- Hugs And Kicks To The Face

There we go! A little more on the life of Aska after the Sins left her. Now will you stop beating me in dark alleys and spitting in my orange juice? PleaseÖ
It also explains how the gauntlet found its way into the hands of Sperlockeís. Tying up loose ends, baby!

And donít forget, speaking of loose ends, Button Day is still going on and there are plenty of free buttons left to hand out!

I read the third and fifth issues of the Marvel Zombies series I mentioned before and it ends soooo well. Itís a shame the series was so short though. I never liked the Silver Surfer so he got what he had coming to him in a big way.

Preorders for Sins playing cards still goes on. Iím not sure how much longer Iíll do them to ensure those that have paid already donít have to wait too long.