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Posted by Pip

R236- You Should Have That Looked At

Nobody can withstand the triple Envy beat down! That's the fun part of being in the Demon Real with this series. Before, we were limited to a single Envy, but now they can team up! Envy to incapacitate an enemy. Envy to soften it up with blows. And Envy to ram its fist through the enemy's torso. Yay, Envies!
And okay, maybe a possessed Baron host can withstand an Envy onslaught. That's just... Ewww.

And with the end of September, what kind of funny search strings led to Sins you ask? I'm asking for you.
“cupacarbras” - Why are you cupping car bras?
“redhead butt” - Which one are you looking for? The hair or the behind? Because combining those two seems gross. Just pick one.
“shantae rotty” - You owe me a piece of those Kickstarter riches, Wayforward!
“old marmaduke comics” - This offends me more than the people looking for porn.
“secret agent clank naked” - First: OH COME ON! Second: It's Clank. He's a cartoon toy robot that's naked 90% of the time. You don't have to do a special search for that.