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Posted by Pip

R2A41- Chekov Slashy Arm Demon

Where there's a revenging demon, Anger will be there! Where there's bickering, Anger will be there! When somebody is making fun of Labor, Anger will be there! And hey, now that the big bad Baron is down, who better to step up than our buddy Anger?

This week on Mercs, some times sinister machinations and tricks are for your own good. We only needle the ones we care about, right? Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page for free or contribute and get all of this month's pages!

I went to the Alternative Press Expo this weekend and it was pretty cool. It was a lot better than when I went to Wonder Con a few years ago since it was more the artists themselves and far fewer retailers. I left some Sins cards there (thanks, Spiral!), so if you saw one and came over here, say “hi” in the chat box at the bottom of the page!