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Posted by Pip

R2A42- The Band Is Back

The whole happy family is back, un-banished to limbo dimensions, and un-mouth sewn shut! Hugs! Hugs all around! Followed by eviscerating and eating, I dunno, eyes? That seems like a family get together thing, right?
For those new to Sins from Revenant, Gluttony here is the original Gluttony, booted from the team after it tried to do something as simple as eating the host that was keeping the Sins going. So small stuff really.

The prototype for the next game is done! Leave a comment on what you thought! Should I keep building mechanics and new levels? Does this peek at a new Sinsiverse intrigue you? How cute is that Manitou? The game's style is very much inspired by a favorite of mine, Kid Icarus, but I wanted to not just restrict it to moving in one direction and to leave out those dungeons. Further levels would be larger and incorporate vertical and horizontal scrolling and open up the shop to have some upgrades for Richmond.
Play it at: