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Posted by Pip

A13-Dying For Fun, But Not Profit

Long story short, itís kind of good to die, but there are bad parts too. To pat myself on the back I suppose, I like this rule to the Sins. For all their power and majesty, theyíre really only as strong as a six-year-old little girl. If they canít defend her, they die as well. It also serves as protection for the Masters. The Sins canít just kill them off to get back to the free time in-between being summoned. They have to do what they can to keep their Master alive, but at the same time that ensures theyíll be at the beck and call of somebody they didnít choose for longer and have to do jobs they donít like.
The last panels, okay I admit it, theyíre a reoccurring joke I ripped off of Jackie Chan. There! Are you happy now?! It was in some Jackie Chan movie (though Iím suuure he didnít create the joke) and somebody asked him a question, he laughed jovially, and then just dropped it and said ďNoĒ completely deadpan. Maybe this doesnít translate well to the comic world or itís just funnier to me than it is to everybody else. Itís not really the deadpan ďNoĒ thatís the funny joke. The joke is about the joke. Does that make any sense? Maybe I should have stopped typing a paragraph again. Tell you what, you ever meet me in person, remind me of this page, and Iíll explain it. Thatís a promise to you, the reader.

Max Brooksís The Zombie Survival Guide, great book. A thoroughly enjoyable parody or survivalist and worst-case scenario books, and hey, itís actually somewhat educational too!