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Posted by Pip

R3S3- Sensitive Insensitive Demons

The dark side of the Demon Realm (aside from all the fights and corruption and such). Humans are a specialty and there are going to be some demons that try to take advantage of their oddity/special status. And Jin will not abide by that! And she's not even mad that the demons like Al better than herself yet. And some of these demons won't even have legs so how do they have boots to knock?! It's all too much.

This week on Mercynaries: Read the fine print, people! And that is some fiiine print. Eh, get it? Right? Riiight? TWC:

Monday is the last day for the first round of the Sins Pokemon tournament! If you haven't reached out to me with a win/loss or that your rival isn't responding, we're moving ahead without you!