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R3S4- Comedy

Oh you knew it was a fake out!
Baby demons are summoned, not born through squishy and/or unsanitary biological expressions so this Realm's residents are a bit uneducated on this event that humans have made such a big deal about. Hey, don't ask me, I got my sex ed through a public school. There's something with putting a condom on a cucumber and then a baby appears nine months later, right? Jin totally owes that one dude from the last page a major apology.

The company I (used to) work for had their big lay offs so it's my first post among the ranks of the unemployed! Humor is my basest defense mechanism so I tried to find the funny bits in the situation that would make it worth talking about:
-Setting your alarm clock for the morning you know the studio is shutting down puts you in a weird mind space. You wouldn't want to be late for lay offs, I guess? That would just set a bad example.
-The meeting in which we were to be laid off was delayed. Somebody had to go around and apologize that our being laid off would have to be pushed back an hour.
-I went through the whole talk with this person the company brought in to lay us off and then she handed me the wrong paperwork. I thought that was funny but she reeeaaally didn't appreciate me asking if I could have the other person's last paycheck if it was higher than mine.
-The “You're being laid off but it's not your fault” talk has to be one of the most condescending conversations I've ever had. I can kind of feel for the lady though because you have to figure that she's just repeating "Please don't be crazy and violent" over and over in her head as she does this with every person at every company she goes to.
-Being asked "Hi! How are you doing?" when you're introduced to the incredibly chipper person that gives you your final paperwork is very, very awkward. That's a rather tough thing to answer without saying something snarky. I made a joke of it and we moved on.
-You have to pay taxes on your last paycheck. I mean, that makes sense and I don't know why that came as a shock to me but being laid off seems like one of those times that we can collectively agree that it's okay to let me keep that money.
-California gets weird if you're over 40 and you get laid off. Part of my paperwork involved me agreeing that I was under 40, I asked about that, and she told me that California has separate laws if you're over 40 because they think you're going to sign your paperwork and then change your mind. If it was like 60, I could see where the state was coming from on this, but 40 seems awfully young to start not trusting people's mental abilities.
-Jockeys can't get unemployment benefits. I don't know why but it's there on the paperwork that if you're a jockey, you can't get unemployment. I'm sure if I looked it up that would be a likely valid reason for that as part of a union, contract, sports, I don't know thing, but I want to hold on to the idea that the country collectively decided to just be jerks to jockeys.

That bummer of a day aside, let's get back to fighting our Pokemans! Round 2 is ready for the Pokemon Tournament ! The Bye was chosen by a random number generating website and I'm happy to know such a thing exists.