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R3S5- Re Lie Able Narrators

Not only is Al smart enough to con an entire Realm, but she's diplomatic and caring to the demon she's scamming. You truly are an ambassador for all of humanity, Al! Alicia went from being that little girl that was prone to kicking everybody to being the one smart enough to figure out that humanity's unique status and mystery around the demons could be her ticket to an easy life/not being eaten by the giant monster gods that are her neighbors.

Now that I have some free time, I'm open to doing commissions again. Shoot me an email if you're interested or want to talk over an idea!
I did a few pictures for Taralynn over at our sister site. She asked for some pictures of the Spirit Guard:

And Halloween brings this crazy month to a close. As you load up on candy, remember all the fine content we shared this month. And the laughs and the love. Then go back to the candy. Canadian Thanksgiving was in there too. Man, what a great month for gluttons.