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Posted by Pip

R3S9- DiMehtrodon

Sloth may not have powered up enough to reach its old size and strength, but that doesn't stop it from at least knocking over a building or two! And that's why you always get a full night's sleep, kids. You can't level a city with less than eight hours a night. Or in Sloth's case, twenty-eight hours. Yes, Sloth is just THAT slothy.

This week on TWC, the Mercs plumb the depths and horrors of Internet dating. And the wonders of a world where purses are freely available. The highs with the lows and all. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page for free!

This updates comes to us back in the world of gainful employment! I start my new job today, so hopefully exciting details are forthcoming. Big thanks to everybody for the kind words after my last company closed down and those of you that commissioned pictures and contributed to the site!

The Pokemon tournament ended this weekend and the final battle came down to Gladiator and Derek, with Derek taking the final win! Thanks to everybody that participated! We'll wait a little bit and let some new people pick up the game or get ready and then I think we can do another round.