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Posted by Pip

R3S10- Still Cute

Does this mean that the entirety of Sins has just been about keeping Sloth awake and entertained!?
Way back when, Sloth had ages to gather strength from humanity and get up to full power, but it's only had a little bit to absorb the Demon Realm energy and heal up, so Sloth isn't quite at full strength, but you still kind of don't want the little guy squishing you. Pride obviously knows the score and who the real master of Sin is.

Back when I had time off, I started working on a new game and the prototype for the next Manitou game is done! Play it at:

So what do you think? Worth continuing? The next version would continue the story with a new map, add more animation, and add more characters/enemies.

There will be a poll up on Sins when it updates tonight, but what part of the game did you like the most? The standard RPG bits with Tolliver? The battles? Or the action-RPG bits with Elle-Tolliver?