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Posted by Pip

R3S11- Believe In Yourself And You Can Behead Anything

The Sins learned so much from their time in the Human Realm! They used to bicker and didn't fight as a team, but just look at them now! They're showing support and cheering on their teammates so they can tear off each other's head. It brings a tear to your eye to see all those team building exercises paying off.
It's not officially comic canon, but I view Sloth as a kind of parasitic symbiote or organ. From the body it was originally piloting in Sins Venials, there's kind of a big meat/goo shield body that serves to protect the crunchy center that is the Sloth we know and love. Any time we've seen something try to eat or consume Sloth, things always went bad for the other side. When the Sins were fighting the Tarot, the Emperor absorbed Sloth and wound up corrupted and then exploded. So here now that Sloth has had time to absorb power and build itself back up, it has its shield back. Sloth is kind of awesome. Multiple kinds of awesome.

Does anybody out there use Manga Studio? I was messing around with the Manga Studio 5 trial and the pen and vector tools seem like a real step up from what Elements has, so it looks like it would be handy for doing art for games, but it had enough odd bits that I'd still rather do the comic in Elements. Any positive or negative reviews out there in the Sins community?