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Posted by Pip

R3S14- Tilt O Hurl

To be fair, Sloth wasn't a city crushing behemoth when the Sins and Virtues originally squared off. If only we had all believed in Sloth a little more, this comic would have been so so different! You could have been getting Sloth shrine maidens all over the place for YEARS but you just didn't clap your hands or ring enough bells for Sloth to get its wings, jaws, and stompy bits.

Today is the last day for Pokemon signups, so email me or post on the forums if you want in on the tournament!

Some hot fresh new PS3 demos hit in a world of new consoles and this week we got a totally adequate B game straight out of the PS2 era with "Blood Knights". It's not great but it seems to know it's not great, so I give it some credit. And everybody in the game is kind of a dick.
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