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Posted by Pip

R3S16- Death From AboZZZ

The minions of Sloth can only sleep on the sidelines before the call to action becomes too much! Maybe they can spin that to Sloth if it takes umbrage with the minions fighting? By beating Gluttony unconscious, the minions are just forcing her to sleep. That totally works!
Envy believes in equality. If the Sins are going to sit back and let Labor take his lumps, we can let Gluttony take hers. See, you thought Envy was just being mean but it's all about the equality with that dude. What a nice Sin.

The forums should be back to normal service again! I found some work arounds for phpBB not sending out emails, so you should be able to activate your account by yourself now!

And the Sins holiday treat!

Play it at:

So the Sins Manitou games haven't really seemed to stir up much interest or excitement and that bummed me out a bit, so I went ahead and made the dumbest and therefore kind of awesomest game I've done yet just purely for fun and for myself. The gameplay is super simple (click, upgrade, don't die!), there's no story, it loops the last fight if you can beat the boss, and there's a Ghost Shark. It's HTML 5 so it should run on all recent/decent browsers across PC or Mac. Play, have mindless clicking fun, and what do you say? Should we expand this thing to madness and add new abilities and enemies?