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Posted by Pip

R3S18- Baxman Returns

Way back when Baxter first had his run with the Sins, Baxter had some... issues with boundaries in the super hero world. The boy knows how to use a gauntlet with style. You have to give him that. Pride though, that guy knows the proper way to deal with unstable individuals. You can read up on the thrilling adventures of Baxter same Bax-place, whenever you Bax-want.
Gah, it was so hard to pick a Baxman title for the page. But no! We go in order around here, dangit. Baxman Forever, it's only a matter of time.

This week on Mercs, why inconvenience so many people, when you can just flat out ruin one person's life. Take one for the team, man! Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's Mercynaries for free or contribute to the site to get the month's!

Hey, Slapeggs and Mercs! I'm thinking of making some changes to the Mercynaries format to help the stories move along a little quicker and it would provide an opportunity for some community involvement. Since a lot of the commissions and requests I get are things aligned with Mercs stories, I was thinking of putting people/their characters into the stories instead of just random dudes. It wouldn't change the grander Mercynaries plot, people would just get to pick what their characters look like before and after their run-ins with the Mercs worlds and have a say on the situation. Are people down for this? What would a reasonable price be (it would probably be around 4 or 5 pictures per story arc)? How would you do sign ups since a story line would take a month or two so signing up early would mean a long wait?