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R3S19- In Case Of Emergency

Delusions or not, Baxter is a man that knows his career goals. And now that his home planet has blown up, he's only like five people away from being the last human in the Universe. That's a total super hero backstory! Watch your back, Filo...
Gluttony makes it sound like it's not normal for people carry around hero gear just in case the need appears to have to suddenly don a secret identity to protect your loved ones. Pffft, Gluttony is such a weirdo.

Gluttony and greed aren't just for November holidays! Check out some of the fun you might have missed last month!

And, of course, as we kick November to the curb, we take one last look at what funny searches somehow led to Sins:
“murdoch mysteries fanart” - Are you saying there's interest in a Murdoch Mystery Inc series? B-because I would be kind of down with that...
“absolutley unforgiveable spoiler” - Which was followed by...
“aerisdies” - You're sending me mixed messages, Internet.
Then there were people that were searching for my real name and when I searched for that, it turned up that somebody with my name that lived one state away from where I grew up was arrested for assaulting a child. Damnit, Society. The least you can do is give your scumbags names that aren't mine. That climate scientist, football player, and I are very disappointed in the rest of you bearing our name.

It's time for round 2 of the Pokemon Tournament! Remember: No Legendaries! Double Battles!