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Posted by Pip

R3S20- Master Baxter

Now that he has a gauntlet full of Armageddon's spirits, Baxter is going to make his own Sins! His own off-label Sins that actually listen to him and don't put him down or tell him to stop being crazy. So in other words, the Off Brand Sins are probably nicer than the real deal... But not nearly as stylish!

The idea for the new Mercs stories seemed to go over well, but people also seemed unsure of what they would be getting so they couldn't nail down a price. So what I'm going to do is give away the first opportunity as a part of a Sins contest!

Your mission! The Baron elections are drawing ever nearer so it's time for some real campaigning. Your job is to make a campaign ad for a new Baron! Are you pro-Greed? Are you going to run a smear campaign against Greed? Maybe you're pro-Dealer! Or maybe you don't think that Greed should be the Sins candidate and you want to promote another Sin. Or maybe you're just pro-Team Succubus, because EVERYBODY is pro-Succubus. Pick a candidate and design an ad! It can be audio or visual so have fun with it. Post your entry in the forums, send me a link to your entry, or email me your entry at:

The rules! Entries are due by December 20th PST! Keep it close enough to family friendly that it could appear in Sins. No using the Pornoctopus to promote your candidate or using the Pornoctopus AS your candidate. No using copyrighted characters not from Sins. I have to be able to post this stuff!

The prizes! 1st prize gets the inaugural Mercs community story spot. It will help choose the story arc, the characters in it, character designs, and shape the transformation.
2nd and 3rd prizes are Sins or Mercs e-books!

Have fun with it!