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R3S21- Considered Good Luck In Some Cultures

Sloth brings people together! One minute they were fighting and now they're all one big Sloth-praising family. Sloth works in mysterious ways.
It would probably be a bit of a blow to the rest of the Sins's ego if there were all banded together just to praise Sloth and make its glory seem more glorious. It always hurts to find out you're the roadie and not the main act.

This week on Mercynaries, stiletto heels ARE the work of the devil. Who knew? Well, okay maybe it's kind of obvious in retrospect. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's Mercs page! And don't forget to enter the contest where you can win an appearance in a Mercs story arc!

Critical Hit has been updated! And you can now play it on Kongregate!
To play it on Sins, go to:

To play it on Kongregate, go to:

Patch Notes:
4 new enemies with a special guest end boss!
Secondary crits! Once you activate a skill, you will roll a secondary crit check every time you crit. If you land that crit, you'll activate a skill to add secondary effects to your crit. You can only have one skill active at a time
An ending
Right click to toggle sound off/on
The skeleton is now weaker so you can brute force the battle with only one health upgrade instead of two. Whiners.
Saving- Press S to save and L to load.