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R3S22- Honesty

Honesty is the best policy. You might think to yourself that just not being a jerk would be a pretty good policy, but NO! Still being a jerk but being honest about it is apparently totally the best policy.
For those newcomers to Sins from Revenant, upon ripping open Creature-Sloth's head, Lovable-Sloth resides in the protective casing that Bax's Captain is handing to Envy. That's not just some kind of demonic kidney stone. That would be gross.

I was done with my work for the day and didn't really have anything to do, so I signed up for Tumblr. I don't really know why yet, but I might do some stuff on it. But like I said, I don't really know what. I think I'm going to stop using DevArt regularly since I've kind of grown to hate that site, but I'll still post Sins stuff on it/advertise my projects. I might post some non-Sins stuff on the Tumblr page? Click on by, recommend me some good sites to follow there, discuss things, send me questions you need my sage advice for. Somebody took the name “SinComics” there already and all there page has is a picture of an ugly dog, so I kind of don't like them but I followed them anyway. This is what happens when there aren't good video games to play! I sign up for social media sites!

Seriously, this holiday season has been AWFUL for games. I was hoping for some kind of Vita deals during Black Friday but there wasn't much of anything. Amazon's sale would have been good but out of the four games in that bundle, I didn’t really want to play any of them.

Pokemon! It's the final round! Marii vs Gene! Commence the bloodletting!

Quick Review: Devil's Attorney- I don't normally do iOS reviews mainly because most of the iOS games I play are free and a lot of them are crap, but Devil's Attorney is pretty awesome and well worth its low asking price. It's one part puzzle game and one part turn-based RPG complete with special moves, equipment, and an upgrade path to unlock new skills all set in a kind of Bizarro Phoenix Wright world. The writing is funny, the art is stylish, and Max is a great character because the game just embraces that he's a massive dick. Unfortunately, the text moves super slow and tapping passes by all of the text instead of just advancing to the next screen so I wound up skipping past a lot of the story stuff out of frustration. You also have to beat it three times to see all the endings, but the cases are a perfect length to play during a commute, so I'm going to wind up probably watching them all at some point. DA doesn't demand a lot out of you (although, the later cases can get pretty devious) but it's just damn fun to play.