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Posted by Pip

R3S24- Volunteering Not Fearing

Admit it, you're almost starting to feel sorry for Baxter!
I wanted to do this page because I thought it was important to show that Baxter's team isn't just a repeat of the Sins's situation. Where the Sins were slaves to the gauntlets and the Hosts were preventing the Sins from leading a life of whimsy and chaos, the Armageddon gauntlet is different. Without Armageddon or the gauntlet/Baxter, this team would cease to be. With their physical forms long dead, their energy being contained in the gauntlet is the only thing keeping these characters around. So for as silly as they think Baxter's ideals of super heroism are, the team is at least thankful he's keeping them alive and they won't be killing Bax in his sleep.

I cleaned up the Links page a bit over the weekend. I added the Tumblr link and put all the social media stuff together rather than it being all over the place.
And speaking of the Sins Tumblr, they have an Ask Me Anything feature! You can totally submit questions and... things? To me! So if you have burning Sins, DDG, or Mercynaries questions and you don't feel like using email, the Chatbox, or the forums, you now have one more avenue to get my sage advice!

This week on mercynaries. Now why would Internet weirdos into those kind of things need to go to a shady dating service and then have trouble getting dates? I just don't get romance. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's Mercs page!