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Posted by Pip

R3S25- Four Letter Word

Baxter's group is not only mighty, but they're ancient so they have all the good dirt on the Spirit Realm. And that little guy? I nicknamed him “Apples” while drawing him. If Armageddon considered him worthy of imprisoning and commanding, I'm pretty sure Apples has eaten people's faces. Adorably.
Hope finally wakes up after battling an all-powerful demon lord and the first thing the poor girl has to deal with is people gossiping about her behind her back. Life is tough.

And speaking of Slander's work... the election contest ends this week! Submit your entries before it's too late and your life is filled a never ending stream of regret!

I did a few Holiday pictures for friends and Sins associates this week. They're up on the forums if you want to give them a look or start getting in on some community action for online friends of your own!

And in the holiday spirit, the Pokemon have laid down their arms, razor tails, and flame breath and the tournament has ended. Congrats to Gene for the taking the win in our second tournament and thanks to everybody that participated!