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R3S27- Or DID They

It's all been a long con! Pride and Modesty purposefully drove Bax to super heroism, knowing that one day he would don the Armageddon gauntlet! But for good or for evil... Or that makes no sense and it's totally not what happened at all. Pride wouldn't go through that knowing he'd get told off by the kid that can't speak. Sick burn with nothing more than expression. Marlie is the true hero.

Special thanks to Transcendent Games for sponsoring the site this week!

The writer of Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme commissioned me to make some site ads to help celebrate the game's Steam Greenlight campaign. Fans of the Mercynaries and Lust's more mischievous ways to have fun will particularly want to give the game a look! As if the title alone shouldn't have clued you in on that.
Transcendent Games has started their Greenlight campaign and they need your help to get the game listed on Steam! GBDNATE was the first TG-themed Kickstarter I'd heard about and it did really well, so a few of you might have heard about it during development. Now that it's out, go give them a vote to help them get the game posted! Voting is free and anybody can do it!

You can actually play the game already on Desura. So after you've voted, check it out and try the demo!

This week on TWC, a special holiday edition of Lusterpiece Theatre. We've somehow gone eight years without doing a Sins-themed version of The Night Before Christmas and that gets corrected now! Vote for Sins on TWC to partake in this surely soon to be holiday classic and “home” and “golem” do too rhyme, you're just pronouncing them wrong. Yeah...