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Posted by Pip

R3S28- A Witch Burn Her

And so on this more festive of holidays, we end our chapter on Sloth and sets our sights to the future. Because ye gods man, I could NOT handle it if it turned out Lust was just faking that she could understand Sloth for all those years. The lies and deceit that would involve! Just... just put those crazy thoughts out of your head before Jin tears this family apart.

And, of course, thanks to Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme for sponsoring the site this week!

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The winner of the Election Contest was chosen this weekend and big thanks to all of you that actually participated. Everybody got a prize and I'm working with the grand prize winner on his cameo chapter for Mercynaries set to debut the new format after the current story arc ends!

Everybody was very pro-Sin in their posters, so the Dealer is not going to be pleased with the lot of you! Here's the winning entry:

View the rest of the entries in the gallery. Thanks again, team!