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Posted by Pip

R4E3- DemoCrazy

It won't be long until the results come in, but that doesn't mean everybody can't stay up all night staring at each other to make sure nobody cheats. Unless the Dealer's plan is to freak everybody out into staying awake all night while she gets rest and dominates a sleepy opposition at the polls if she doesn't win! Diabolical...
And jeez, Jin, give it a rest. A lady tries to eat you just once and you carry such a grudge about it.

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I can't think of anything else that went on in December outside of the goings of Sins and Mercynaries so surely there was nothing to take your attention away from the comics. BUT, if you did happen to miss an update, here's what was going on in the Sins community.

And to close out the year, some funny searches that somehow lead to Sins! Let's resolve to have less sexually explicit searches leading to the site next year! Please? Some of the terms scare me...
respek knuckles gif- Respek Knuckles all around, good friends! Let Marduk dwell inside you this new year!
lucilia demon- Good to see some of the Vices getting their searches too!
sin destructible- We did just finish a Sloth arc and that little guy is rather sindestructible.
murry and lewy- Not a funny one, but I have been told by Thom that the comic isn't dead, there were just some severe server issues. Happy to be your stop for the latest M&L news!

We did some Game Review of the Year stuff over the week. Weigh in on some of your favorites and clue me in on any gems that I missed this year!