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R4E4- Look To La Luna

We'll get the election results soon, but I thought it was still important to point out that the Spirit Realm is improving and changing no matter who gets the Baron-hood. Whether the Sins win and spread fun chaos all over the scene, the Dealer wins and crushes everybody with the power of capitalism, or the Blob Monster wins and greatly improves the life and status of everybody everywhere, Nature is coming back to the Realm.
Or Pride is just lording it over everybody that she came from a world where they could see their moon. That would be just like her! Miss-“Oh my world wasn't covered in fog so we could see the stars and spend warm summer nights staring at the heavens”. Ah well, she probably wouldn't have won the vote anyway. Good thing a more lovable and fuzzy candidate is representing the Sins.

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Quick Review: Locke and Key: Omega and Alpha- I became a huge fan of Locke and Key and now the series has come to an end! The last two books had a great build up to the final battle and with how well the series was written, it was a confrontation to look forward to, even adding a good twist to the bad guy's plans too to keep things fresh in the final pages. There was a bit of overuse on the crown of shadows, but I'm a sucker for living shadows and some of the art on the splash pages is great so I could overlook it. However, the ending wrapped up a bit too quickly with a slew of plot points being resolved in a matter of panels and some important bits simply being announced as completed. It really felt like both the Omega and Alpha storylines could have used another comic or two to help everything come together and resolve better. The impact of the series ending was also ruined with a happy-ish end. You can have a victorious end without it being a happy ending. For a story like this, I'd prefer a bit more of a victorious but sad ending. The upbeat ending doesn't really ruin anything and there are enough downers spread through the whole series, but because they've been willing to get dark in earlier issues, I was hoping the end would keep that.