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Posted by Pip

R4E5- Avaritiamania

You don't listen to those mean little demons, Greed! You come out with all the posing and pomp you want! You can get a theme song, maybe put on a little skit, and some showmanship. I don't know, run a Vice over with a car in the parking lot. You're better than wrestling! You're Greed, dangit!

This week on Mercynaries, Mercy's friendship may be magic but so are all the bad things that happen to their clients. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page for free or contribute to the site to get the month's!

And I wanted to say a final thanks to Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme for their sponsorship of the site recently and to urge you guys to try out the demo and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight to help them reach the masses! Hopefully I'll be able to report back in that the campaign was a success!
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