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Posted by Pip

R4E6- Herlectoral College

It's all or nothing for our leading candidates! With the second-in-command spot taken, that can only leave one for the Baron! One will win and one will lose and then they'll have to hug it out, go for drinks, and form a cabinet of rivals due to their mutual respect! Because THAT is how politics works!
And introducing, Po, the Demon Realm's very own celebrity! I kind of figure that the Sins, Vices, and various demons wouldn't really treat a election with THAT much pomp so they'd probably want to jazz it up with somebody famous to gawk at. And in a land of creatures with vines and tentacles, an octopus monster girl would be a wee bit popular. Personally, I think she fixed the results to help out the Succubi team... Woop it up, Longing and Dominance, we're watching you! ...And totally not for the reasons everybody was watching them before.

The next Sins game is up! Go, play it, have fun, and report back whether itís worth continuing and expanding! Viola is the final one of the main Manitou group to be introduced, so I hope you find her and her Manitou a good addition to the crew.