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R4E8- They Do Multiply Quickly

That's just the problem with democracies, all you need are a bunch of people that are like you to win... Oh for the days when the richest and most feared or the most well-known and godly were elected! The Lepid class of demons have been in the comic since the end of the Original Sins storyline and they haven't gotten respect until now! I've been trying to include them more and more as the background Vices and demons for a while, so I hope a few of you caught on to their inclusion.
At least the Vice has the right idea. Nuts to civic duty, there be snacks at crafts services!

This week on Mercs, Mercy and Ruth missed their true callings as wrestlers. Maybe the Valkyrie have a division for that too. There have to be people out there transformed into wrestlers against their will, right?
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