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Posted by Pip

R4E10- Or Monday

Awww, we almost got to see Pride take a politicking... But the Dealer actually has some real emotions outside of greed, pity, and self-satisfaction, who knew? Why is she such an angry and sad lady? Revelations coming soon! Otherwise she'll have to debase herself and actually punch somebody with her own hands. That's what hired goons are for!

This is our l33t comic with Sins's 1,337th update! A pointless milestone if there ever was one!

Now that I've introduced all the Sins Manitou characters via games of their own, I had promised that I would do a game in the Mercynaries universe, so Camp Terra Glen is now accepting applications for new campers! I thought it would be fun to make the background characters cameos and community people. Below are two templates for the background characters. If you just have a standard art program, there's a PNG but if you have a more advanced art program, there's a PSD that separates all the body parts into layers. Mix and match your parts, add your character's hair and expression, and color in your camper! Feel free to edit and add to the character adding horns or halos, a design on the shirt, glasses, or whatnot. Once you're done, email me the character on a transparent background and upon approval I'll add it to one of the game's random events! Stay tuned at Sins for news and the initial prototype!

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