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Posted by Pip

R4E11- Also Works For Bears

And that's why Pride is the leader. It knows how to instill fear through intimidation and who you need to bring along to sacrifice if said intimidation doesn't work!
We last saw this pearlescent tower in the Von Froya games and now the Dealer has apparently moved in and taken over the joint. She seems like the kind of lady that would own a tower though. Just as long as she doesn't slap her name in neon on it.

This week on Mercs, the forces of good don't have their own dating studios and office buildings do they? No, but evil does because evil manages its finances well and gets affordable loans. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's Mercs page:

Some bonus A Guy With Standards to start the week and either this demo is awful or I'm the world's worst Assassin's Creed player.
Hmm, third option: Incompetent demos are part of Absertgo's plans...