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Posted by Pip

R4E14- Greatest Lesser

The Dealer is back to being on the side of evil again. Calling Greed “Lesser”! How DARE she!
Olde Timey Anger was a lot bigger back in the day, no? And it definitely had the spider thing going on that makes its spider minions it used fighting Rhett a little more obvious.
If you're siding with the Dealer on this, when Hope met the Sins after her revival, she did mention that she doesn't trust Pride.

I posted some extra art in the forums this weekend, so head over and check it out in the Bonus Art Sins thread.

This week on Mercs, Ruth has to work on her bedside manner with their clients. Once that dude gets the cat sweater back, she'll feel super bad. Vote for Sins on TWC to get this week's page: