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R4E15- Definitely Do Not Run With Those

Of course, we're totally taking the Dealer's word that Sloth signed on for all this. Sloth could have just been meh-ing in its sleep or chasing its tail in sleepy time dream land and then BAM! It's been drafted into an army of the agents of chaos.
And those are some nasty looking scissors...

There's yet more extra art on the forums! Mercs stuff this time!

Quick Review: Gunman Clive- Clive presents itself as a kind of Mega Man-y platformer in the Wild West and I'm pretty keen on everything involved in that. It was free for a while on iOS but it was AWFUL. A prime example of why slapping virtual controls onto a touch device is a horrible choice. It later came out on the 3DS and that system has button. That's a hot tip for all my readers. 3DS = buttons. Now able to actually play the game, it's style brought me in. Amidst the horses and gunslingers, you're also attacked by lots of ducks and a few bunnies and you restore your health with birthday cake. That's a pretty charming NES-level style. As for the gameplay, it's thoroughly “meh”. The boss battles are fun but it never does anything fantastic so the things that are bad seem to hit harder. There are moving platforms at the end of the game and they're horrible. It seems to be adding your weight over time instead of registering where on the balance beam you're standing because you can stand in one spot and then the platform will just dump you or it doesn't register when you jump and you just slide off. The checkpoints are really crappy in these sections too. They're fine in the rest of the game but having to deal with multiple screens of this poorly implemented obstacle over and over sucks the fun out of it. The sketchy, mostly monochromatic look is interesting when you start but it gets boring after the first level. Outer space, the prairie, and underground mines all look the same with a sketchy beige and brown style. It also has the problem of enemy bullets blending in with the background in a few parts, leading to some cheap hits. I'm fine with the sketchy monochromatic style but the game would have benefitted from each world having its own color or more realized set dressing. The music stands out as the one area that doesn't disappoint. It's a great NES-feeling soundtrack without relying on being a set of 8-bit chiptunes.
Gunman Clive is incredibly short to the point that you could easily beat it in one sitting (my second run took less than twenty minutes and my third was fifteen minutes). But it's only 2 bucks. But it's not that fun. There's a second character you can play as that has a floaty jump like the Princess in Mario 2, but it doesn't change the gameplay up and it isn't really all that useful. You unlock a secret third character after beating the game and that does provide a neat challenge because it can't attack. So I guess I got a dollar's worth of value out of the two characters. I wouldn't really recommend the game, but because it's only $2, it's an okay way to pass an hour if you want to beat it with each of the characters. If it was more than $2, I definitely wouldn't recommend it, but since it is only $2, you could do worse. It depends on what those two dollars mean to you.