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R4E16- Eye Of The Tiger

The Dealer's awesome head gear isn't just fashionable, it's functional too! I guess if that happens to you once, you learn from it. I've never had a hat that would stand up to being stabbed in the face. I have a toque to keep my ears warm but that not quite comparable.
Mean ol' Dealer broke the Visitor's scissors, so now she just has... two scissors? You're a weird word, Scissors. Ah well, you could probably make something spiff out of one of those halves.

No real entertaining web searches this month. Booo. There were repeated ones for variations of “MH logo” though. I stuck that into Google Image search and get dozens and dozens of different logos back. Are you people searching for Monster High? Miami Heat? Monster Hunter? The Mail Handlers Union? Tell me! Tell me your secrets, random Google searchers!

It was a busy month on Sins, so check out any of the content you may have missed in the deluge of arts and games:

Not A Review: Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest- Simon's Quest was just released on Virtual Console and, yes, it's a bad game but I'm still convinced that everybody should play it for the educational experience and I still love it despite its many, many flaws. It's easily one of the best worst NES games. It has a terrible reputation that's probably worse now than it was when the game came out because all anybody knows about the game now are its problems and the stupid stuff like the Graveyard Duck. But it is still an amazing game and you can see where it was setting the groundwork for fantastic games like Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night. Listen to these features: a day-night cycle that's not just for show and that actually affects gameplay, upgradeable weapons, items that are used for both exploration and combat, an RPG style leveling system in an action game, an intelligent experience system that prohibits grinding early in the game, a large open world but unlike the sprawling terrible world of Metroid it separates the castles into their own areas, multiple endings, and an utterly amazing soundtrack. Those are some impressive features for a modern game and Simon's Quest came out in 1988. I'm not blind to its flaws despite my love for the game. It completely messes up all the brilliant mechanics because it explains nothing to you, its enemy placement is pretty cheap at times, enemies respawn the instant they're off screen, the translation is so bad that the hints it gives you make no sense, some of the clues it does give you are incorrect or straight up lies, it has that early NES reliance on secret blocks so that you have to hit every block in the game to find items making it all but unplayable unless you have a walkthrough handy, and it uses a standard platformer's lives system. But still play it! Play it on the Virtual Console, take advantage of the save states, abuse those save states, download maps of the world and castles, and play it with a walkthrough by your side. For both its glaring flaws and all the grand ideas it had behind it, it was a formative game for me and it's still well worth taking a look at with an open mind and an open walkthrough.