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Posted by Pip

R4E18- A Star Is Born

I think we can count these as two more rebirths for the Revenant series! The Dealer loses her old life and starts a new one, rising to fame and glory as a merchant rather than a warrior this time. And our mysterious Visitor ends its old life and duties and is reborn in the mantle of Lust, becoming the demon we all love so dearly. You'd think the Dealer would be happy her former energy went on to create a main character with such awesome hair, but I guess demons can be petty. You take somebody's power, legs, and identity and they hold a grudge. Maybe she wanted likeness rights or royalties?

The Mercynaries game, Camp Terra Glen, is now ready to play! There's a prototype available on the site and the standard rules apply: it should work in any HTML5 compatible browser for PC, Mac, or whatever you're on, shoot me an email with questions or issues, have fun, and leave some feedback! Is it worth continuing? The prototype has all of the daily activities, four random events, and the first contest, so if I expand it, I'll add more random events, more contests, saving and loading, and multiple endings based on your stats..
Special thanks to Grazzdude, Jay, and Taralynn for submitting campers to use in the game! If you're interested enough to expand the game, I can start accepting camper cameo submissions again. The template is still in the /Games folder.
Play the game at:

Leave a comment on the forums or in the chatbox below if you're interested in seeing the game be continued!