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Posted by Pip

W11- I Wouldn't Wear It

ThatÖ that would probably be a bit unnerving to have a stranger shout at you. Maybe a bit flattering, but still a touch weird.
I also kind of forget what that guy is humming. It might be the Mission Impossible theme song but I think I scratched that idea and went with something else.

Check out that fancy vote banner at the top of the page! Oooh, aaaah. And itís functional! Daily or nigh-daily votes will help spread the word about Sins and help us to smite the sprite and freaky anime furry comics! I think we can at least handle getting to the top 100, donít you?

Wish a happy birthday to our fantastic webmaster, Dave! Thanks for all your hard work!

A new month means a new wallpaper. And summertime means shamelessly exploiting the sexy ladies of Sins!

Hot off the presses, another colored episode of Bound!

Also on our end of the month parade, we have the funniest search string that led to the comic. This month was pretty tame. Almost all of the ones on my main stats tracker involved different combinations of my names and the site address, so I turned to an alternate one and it found ďsailor mirandaĒ. I donít know if Iíve used that one before, but I really donít know where it came from.