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R5BS2- Silly Foolish Goofs Even

Is the Captain so awesome that she'd just never get stabbed or is she so extra awesome that even if she did get stabbed, she'd just shrug it off? Oh man, Baxter totally needs to go try to stab her and see what happens! Then, when he gets out of the hospital, the truth will be known.
Everybody rags on video games and comics for giving female characters bikini armor, but nobody really thinks through the ramifications of it. You look at the dudes and they're covered head to toe, but anybody could beat up an evil wizard when you're dressed like a tank. Lady adventurers are out there beating up the same dragons and wizards but the only protection they have are a few scraps of cloth left over from somebody else's outfit. Now THAT takes guts and is far more impressive.

This week on Mercynaries, things just keep getting worse (but fashionable) for the client, while Mercy weighs in with some experience. Vote for Sins on TopWebComics to get this week's page for free or contribute to get the month's!

There wasn't much of a response for the prototype for the Mercs game, but it was easy enough to make some additions. I scaled back my plans but you at least get a few extra random events, two new contests with special guests, saving and loading, and there are three different endings depending on how you perform and your stats. So for the few of you that did muster up some interest, I hope you enjoy!
Play the game at:

I've been told that if your browser won't display the custom font, some of the text will overlap and display oddly. So if you're seeing that, yell at your browser to be less bad.