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R5BS3- To The Rooftops

The Armageddon gauntlet won't give Baxter quite the same power trip that he had with the Sins gauntlet. Armageddon doesn't put up with that kind of Host and subjugated Force business that let some punk kid boss these demons around. Cap'n doesn't put up with jive. Jive free zone, people!
I like the Captain. She's so tall that she makes everybody look like a kid again and that suits Baxter and his madness.

We had some bonus art in the forums to go with yesterday's discussion of armor. Oh Baxter, no wonder the ladies love you so.

Now that you've seen most of the contest winner's Mercs chapter, here's your chance to be a part of Mercs! You could have the chance to be one of the Mercs clients and all the curses/magic/super science gone wrong that entails!

What do I get?
A character of your choosing will be the case in an upcoming Mercs comic arc that will span four pages. I'll present you a series of possible story options and we'll work together to refine what happens to your character, why it happened, how the character appears, and how the story resolves. Or you can let me write everything and you just define the character. Your call.

What are the restrictions?
It obviously can't be a copyrighted character. You have to have ownership/the ability to agree to have this character appear in the comic. I have acceptable levels of weirdness that I am willing to handle, but I have final approval on the character and what happens in the comic. Save yourself the trouble and don't submit furries, underaged characters, or your favorite anime character. Since I'm posting these online, as voting incentives, and in a collection for sale as an e-book, you have to agree to give me permission to do so. If you don't agree to let me use your character, I can't use your character.

This is too awesome, how do I get in on this?!
I'll make a few openings for cases. Since each case is a month's worth of incentives, I don't want to take on too many and have people wait a year just to see their character. So it will be first come, first served via email. This isn't free! I'll price these first slots at $35. Pricing won't go lower than that, but depending on demand and how well this works, I could raise that later. If you're interested, shoot me an email saying so, I'll add you to the list, and when your spot is ready, we can hammer out the character and story details and that's when you can pay. Sound like fun? Email me at: