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R5B4- The City Was Not Using It Anyway

Chaperones are always ruining your fun and crime fighting. Stomping around in clunky armor, drawing attention to your stealthy snooping, and enforcing minimum distances in couples dance. How's a person supposed to have an unrealistic power fantasy with all that going on?! An acceptable unrealistic power fantasy. Crushing skulls is a bit beyond standards and practices.

According to the Internet, this Friday is going to be Ragnarok. Seeing as how that seems perfectly plausible and Sins Venials had its own Ragnarok-inspired end, I think we should take this time to thank the Allfather for his wisdom and guidance and the gods for their help and service and wish them the best in whatever happens in the realm beyond ours.

So back when I had hopes for Sins to become more than just a comic, I thought it would be funny to come up with ads parodying other big game ads. I really like the Dead Island trailer and thought Gluttony would make the funniest Sin for an ad going backwards, because she'd basically be throwing up and having it turn into food. That's disgusting! And hilarious.
The original DI ad can be watched here:
And if you want to get super crazy, you can synch the two up here:

And for another Sins Barely Animated Animated Feature, a Sloth ad animatic! For the next parody ad, I always loved the Smash Brothers trailers and character reveals and that works well with Sins. I liked the original Smash Brothers 64 "Happy Together" ad, but I had the image of the Snake trailer but after the box gets knocked away, Sloth would just stay sleeping and never join the fight. This is a bit of a mashup of the Japanese and US Snake trailers.